The Cowlitz River basin is one of the most spectacular and productive fishing areas in the state.  Fed by glaciers from Mt. Rainer, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens, the waters run clean and cold, perfect for those legendary fishing excursions.  Mayfield lake was formed by the construction of the Mayfield Dam and is fed by the Cowlitz and Tilton Rivers and boasts a large number of desirable sport fish including the legendary Tiger Muskie. 

Click Here to get current weather and fishing conditions from fishermen on the lake (scroll down and select "Read Fishing Reports")

Click Here to read a great feature article on Mayfield lake fishing, including a bunch of tips on finding the King of the Lake - the Tiger Muskie!

Click Here to read about all of the fish species found in Mayfield Lake - From the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

In addition to fishing right out the back door of your rental there are several other fishing high points worth considering.  In fact, Some of the best freshwater fishing in the state can be found in this region.

For premier guide services to Mayfield lake and surrounding area please visit Guidelines Fishing ( Bob Sommer is the owner/guide and is an expert in the local fisheries.  He specializes in Cowlitz river fishing but also knows the local lakes very well. Bob can be contacted by phone at 360-270-1133 or by email at


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