Rental Policy Guidelines


Mission Statement

Paradise Point Rentals on Mayfield Lake strives to provide an enjoyable experience that will create lifelong memories. Our goal is to make your time here so enjoyable that you will return annually with your family or corporate event. We promise to do all that is in our power to make your stay peaceful and enjoyable. We ask that each guest respect all other guests and neighbors as well as respect the facilities and property.

All Paradise Point facilities are checked and cleaned before your arrival for your ultimate worry free enjoyment. Should something not be functioning properly, or unsatisfactory in any way, please call or e-mail our point of contact so we correct it immediately. We hope you enjoy your stay at beautiful Paradise Point on Mayfield Lake!


Occupancy Policy

It is our policy to help maintain a family atmosphere for the enjoyment of guests and neighbors. Therefore, we rent only to families or responsible adults over the age of 25. Any use of a rental home for purposes other than family vacation must be stated and cleared at the time of reservation. Occasions such as weddings, receptions, reunions, and company gatherings are not allowed without prior permission. Prom groups, school or graduation groups, fraternities, sororities or youth groups are also not allowed without adult supervision. We request that all activities lasting past 10:00 pm be kept to a minimal noise level.

All guests and their vehicles must be listed on the Guest Registration Form which is at the back of the Rental Agreement. Any guest who exhibits unacceptable behavior or violates the terms of the Rental Agreement can, and will, be asked to leave without warning with NO REFUND OF MONIES PAID. Please remember, all Paradise Point facilities are NON SMOKING.



Please designate one person in your group to be responsible for all correspondence regarding your reservation. The designated person shall provide a physical address and phone number for all correspondence along with email contact information if applicable. This person will be wholly responsible for payment, property damages, and adherence to all guidelines set forth in the Rental Agreement.

All reservations may be made at our website ( or by phone at 206-225-6786. Our office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST Monday through Friday.



After your reservation is processed we will mail you a Rental Agreement (this form can also be found online). The quoted Rental Rate includes all applicable fees and taxes (including but not limited to: facility rental fee, administrative fee, extra bed charges, pet fees, and taxes). The Rental Agreement and a deposit equal to 50% of the Rental Rate (“Rental Deposit”) must be returned to our office within 10 days of booking the reservation. Your reservation will be canceled automatically if payment has not been received within this time period. Last minute reservations (within 15 days) must be paid in full immediately.

For reservations made more than 120 days in advance, a deposit will not be required until 120 days prior to your check-in date. If however, anther renter would like to reserve the same facilities on the same dates, the full deposit will be required to hold your reservation. The first reservation will always have first right of refusal.

The deposit can be paid by:

  • Personal check – must be received at least 30 days prior to Designated Check-in Day. Returned checks will be assessed a $75.00 fee. When paying by check please include a copy of the invoice to avoid confusion. Each check is subject to a $25 processing fee.
  • Cashier check or money order. Each check is subject to a $25 processing fee.
  • PayPal – All major credit cards are accepted and you can access PayPal through our website. Just look for and select the PayPal button. Any payments made through PayPal will be subject to a 2.5% service change.

The remaining balance is due AT LEAST 30 days prior to arrival and may be paid by cashier check or PayPal. SORRY, NO PERSONAL OR COMPANY CHECKS ACCEPTED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF ARRIVAL BECAUSE WE ARE UNABLE TO VERIFY FUNDS.


Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-in time is 4:00 pm on the first day of your reservation (“Designated Check-in Day”) so that the service staff has time to properly prepare the facilities for your enjoyment. 

Check-out time is 11:00 am on the last day of your reservation. Renter must (1) bag and place all trash in available containers for pick-up, (2) remove any food from refrigerator, (3) leave rental “broom clean” (4) return all items to their original locations, and (5) lock all windows and doors.

Earlier check-in or late check-out can be requested prior to your designated check-in day if the facilities are available for a $40 fee. Early check-in time is 1:00 pm and late check-out time is 3:00 pm. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Cancellation Policy

Receipt of initial payment and a signed contract will constitute a legal Rental Agreement. Any cancellations or changes thereafter will invoke the cancellation policy. In all cases, a written notice of cancellation must be given to receive any refund.

  • Written notice of cancellation thirty or more days prior to your Designated Check-in Day will result in a full deposit refund less any administrative fee.
  • Written notice of cancellation less than thirty days prior to your Designated Check-in Day will result in a full refund, less any administrative fee, ONLY IF Paradise Point can re-rent the vacation home for the same time period at the same rental rate.

We recommend that trip insurance be purchased from any number of reputable companies that offer this service to safeguard you against unforeseen situations.


Property Damages

Please respect the Paradise Point grounds and facilities as if they were your own. Leave the property in the same condition as it was found. If objects were moved during your stay please return them to their original location.

Each Renter may be required to provide a $500 cash security deposit (plus $50 for each approved pet). The full amount will be refunded within 10 days of check-out once the property has been inspected and determined to be without damage. The Renter is responsible for all damages to the rental property and its contents. All costs associated with repairs, cleaning, or replacement of the rental property or its contents shall be deducted from the security deposit. In the event the security deposit is not required or does not cover the cost of said repairs or replacements, renter shall pay costs within 15 days after receipt of notice of such costs.

  • We will deduct $10 from the damage deposit for each excessively dirty or destroyed towel.  The provided towels are for inside use only and should never be used for cleaning up messes.  We DO NOT provide towels for swimming or hot tub use.
  • If the facilities are left extremely dirty requiring cleaning above and beyond what is typical, a deduction will be made from the deposit to cover these costs. 
  • Due to repeated problems with garbage left on the grounds, Paradise Point will deduct $5 for each piece of garbage found by the cleaning staff.  This includes items such as cigarette butts, bottle caps, napkins, broken water balloons, pet waste, etc.  Please walk the grounds after your stay and remove such items and please make sure that all persons occupying the facilities are aware of this policy.
  • Also be aware that it is against the law to throw garbage or dump waste into the lake.  The city of Tacoma will aggressively prosecute violators.
  • Only split firewood in designated enclosures can be burned.  No scavenging or burning of ANY other wood or materials on the property is allowed.  Burning of decorative driftwood scattered around the property will be grounds for forfeit of the entire damage deposit.
  • Please clean any fish that you catch outside for the consideration of future guests.


Minimum Stay Requirements

There is a two-night minimum stay required during the week all year round and a three-night minimum stay required for weekends all year around. In addition, the following holidays require a four-night minimum stay: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas and the New Year. Summer rates apply for the Christmas/New Year and Thanksgiving Holidays. The dates from June 16th to Labor Day are reserved for parties requiring use of the entire properties, so the facilities will not be rented our separately during this time. 



  • Any payment made by check will be subject to a $25 processing charge
  • A $50 fee and $50 deposit will be required for possessing each approved pet allowed on the grounds.
  • A cleaning fee of $175 will be added for each rental ($275 if renting the entire property)


PayPal Fee

Any payments made through PayPal will be subject to a 2.5% service change.


Other Amenities for Rent

Chopped wood for the outdoor fire pit and/or the wood stove can be purchased for $10 per day. Only split firewood in designated enclosures can be burned. No scavenging or burning of ANY other wood or materials is allowed (especially the driftwood displayed around the property). We suggest bringing your own fire starting items (matches, kindling, and paper). We try to stock matches in the bench out by the fire, in the St. Helens House by the fireplace, or in the kitchen in a drawer but these seem to go missing very quickly. Small kindling is not provided.

A three person canoe along with Kayaks are available to rent for $30 per stay. Indicate your desire for the canoe on your Rental Agreement.



Paradise Point rental properties are subject to a State of Washington Sales and Hotel/Motel tax. The current combined tax rate is 9.8% but can change at any time.



Be vigilant at all times around the Paradise Point facilities and waterfront, especially with children. While the sheer cliffs offer breathtaking views they can be hazardous to people who are not paying attention. Remember that there is no lifeguard on duty for the lake or the hot tub; swimming is at your own risk. Please exercise extreme caution on and near the docks and other waterfront amenities. Also remember that the waterfront is not owned by Paradise Point but by the City of Tacoma.



There is limited parking inside the fence at Paradise Point. Please park your vehicles along the outside of the fence bordering the property. Do not interfere with the neighbor’s property or driveways. ALSO DO NOT DRIVE ANY VEHICLES PAST THE ST. HELENS HOUSE ON THE LAKE SIDE AS IT CAN DAMAGE THE SEPTIC SYSTEM. YOU WILL BE HELD MONETARILY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO THE SEPTIC SYSTEM AS A RESULT OF DISREGARDING THIS RULE.



Well behaved pets are welcome but are not permitted on the premises without prior permission. Approved pets require a Pet Approval Application, a taxable $50 fee, and a $50 refundable deposit before a pet can be allowed on the property. Owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets and are required to clean up after them. Owners are solely responsible for all damage and harm caused by their pet. Pets may not be left unattended, must be under direct physical control at all times.  They are not allowed to wander the property and into neighbors yards.  If they are allowed inside please do not allow them on any furniture including beds.  Any evidence of pets on furniture will result in additional cleaning fees.  Any evidence of pets not recorded on the rental agreement will also result in additional charges.  Remember, your group may not be the only one occupying the facilities. The Pet Approval Application includes the number, type, size, and disclosure of past behavior issues for the pet. Aggressive breeds are not allowed on the property.  Paradise Point reserves the right to reject any pet approval application without explanation.



Trash and Recyclables

Garbage and recycle cans are provided around and inside the facilities. Please place ALL of your garbage and recyclables in the appropriate city collection cans out near the road before you leave. Please make sure the garbage is compact and the lid is closed. 

Also please take time to sort out your recyclables as this is important for keeping the area clean and the rental rates low. Place the materials listed below together in your recycle can. NOTE: GLASS CANNOT BE PLACED IN A RECYCLE BIN.   

  • Paper and cardboard:  Mixed waste paper, magazines and catalogs, newspaper, telephone books, junk mail, cereal boxes, paper bags, frozen food boxes, milk cartons and juice boxes.
  • Metal:  Aluminum and tin cans, soda cans, clean aluminum foil, pots and pans.
  • Plastic bottles & tubs:  Dairy tubs such as butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt cups.  Plastic jugs such as milk, detergent, fabric softener & plastic peanut butter jars.  Plastic bottles such as water, soda & shampoo.
  • Glass: Please place in the trash.


Personal Watercraft and Boats

Boats and other watercraft are allowed and the private dock is available for mooring. We do however request that you indicate on your rental agreement that you will be bringing a boat and that you have insurance in the event of an accident. There is a boat launch in the state park just west of the bride on SR122.


Canoe and Kayaks

Paradise Point offers a three person canoe for rent and kayaks. Paddles and safety jackets are provided with the rental. Use extreme caution when using the boats and at your own risk. They are stored on land. In order to use the boats they have to be carried down approximately 20 stairs to the dock. The renter is also responsible for returning any boats used to the storage location before they leave.


Weather Condition Policy

We do not offer refunds due to unfortunate weather conditions such as rain, snow, cloudy weather, severe storms, and water level of the lake or any other event not within our control. 



Power outages are a part of Mountain life. We occasionally experience power outages that are beyond our control. We will be happy to report any outages, but no refunds or transfers can be made under these circumstances.



Landline telephone service is not available in any of the Paradise Point Facilities. Wi-Fi service is also not available at the property.  Most cell phone providers now have good coverage in the area and many renters tether to their cell phones if they need Wi-Fi service. Be sure to make any critical calls before your leave I-5. 



Maintenance and Emergencies

Maintenance is available 7 days a week to accommodate any problems that should arise during your stay. Please call us if there is any problem that needs attention – we want your stay to be memorable for all the right reasons.


Provided Amenities

Standard beds will be made and sheets are provided for others, such as bunk beds, sleeper sofas, etc. Items provided by Paradise Point are listed in each facility description. Shower soaps, shampoos, and personal care items are NOT PROVIDED.

Hot tub, TV’s, VCR’s, DVD players, lawn furniture, dock access, recreational games, recreational equipment and other similar items are furnished as a courtesy by Paradise Point Rentals and are not guaranteed. Refunds will not be given due to absence or breakdown.

All rental facilities have access to all the outdoor amenities on a first come first serve basis. Please be aware that there may be multiple events going on at the same time so please treat others with kindness and consideration.


Hot Tub

The hot tub is provided as a courtesy to our guests. Use extreme caution when using and supervise children at all times. Obviously no lifeguards of medical support are provided so use the hot tub at your own risk. Paradise Point will do everything possible to maintain the functionality of the hot tub but cannot guarantee that it will be functional at all times. Refunds or cancellations will not be allowed due to problems with the tub.

Paradise Point makes water testing equipment available for you to verify the chemical level before using. Please check the chemical levels immediately upon arriving. Remember that the tub may be used by others immediately before your visit. There are test strips and chemicals (bromine for shocking the water) in the cabinets above the refrigerator. There is also a manual for the tub on the kitchen counter. The tub temperature will probably be set on 90 degrees when you arrive. Be sure to increase the temperature using the arrows on the control panel and then start one of the circulation jets. Without these jets turned on the tub will not get hot very quickly. Please return the temperature setting to 90 degrees before leaving.

Paradise provides a hose and basin adjacent to the hot tub for rinsing feet. Please be sure to rinse off before entering the hot tub to assure that the filters can keep up during times of heavy use.


Fireplaces and Grills

The common area fire pit and waterfront is available to all guests using the property. Firewood is available for purchase. Please indicate on rental form if you would like firewood to be made available during your stay so that it can be prepared. The firewood charge will be $10 per day. Burning garbage in the fire pit is not allowed. Please do not gather firewood from the property or cut any from the resident trees.

Grilling is only permitted at a minimum distance of 25 feet from the house or cabin. No grilling is allowed on decks, porches, wooden walkways, or under carports. Please leave grill clean after use.

Please do not throw coals from the fire pit into the lake or the trash cans. Fires can start as a result of this careless practice, and it will be the responsibility of the tenant to pay for any resulting damages.



Firearms are NOT permitted on the Paradise Point premises. NO EXCEPTIONS. Guests who carry firearms onto the property will be asked to leave and will not be allowed back onto the premises. NO REFUND OF MONIES PAID will be allowed.



Fireworks are not allowed on the property at ANY time. Our neighbors are very accommodating to us and we feel strongly about protecting their peace, safety and property. Additionally, it is illegal during certain parts of the year and the dangers during dry periods are significant. Please respect the neighbors, our property and the beauty of nature.


Lost and Found

Please check your rental facilities thoroughly before leaving. Any items left will be kept at our office for a period of two weeks. If not claimed, they will be donated to a charitable organization.


Errors and Omissions

Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of information pertaining to vacation resort rentals; however, it is not guaranteed. It is subject to errors, omissions, price changes, changes in rental contents and/or features, or withdrawal without notice. Please bring any discrepancies to our attention immediately.


Paradise Point Rental Policy 06-04-15 (Revision 1.33)


·         Each check will be subject to a $25 processing fee


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